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Eyelash tint and shape


Eyelash tint


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Eyebrow tint


Eyebrow shape

Please note: For eyelash tinting and perming a patch test will be required 24 hours prior to your treatment. Please advise reception at time of booking if this is your first visit to the Spa. You will receive a complimentary scalp massage with eyelash tinting.

Lash Lift


Includes your Lash Tint

Unlike a traditional lash perm, our Lash lift straightens your natural lashes at the root, creating the appearance of longer, thicker lashes. Plus the added lash tint creates a mascara-style effect, so you’re lash perfect from the moment you wake up. Ideal for those seeking a more natural look, the treatment takes just 45-60 minutes but the effects are instant and last from six-eight weeks. We do recommend to have another last tint 4 weeks later this will enhance your treatment as your tint fades.

Our Lash Lift is the revolutionary lash treatment that creates masses of length, volume and lift with your own natural lashes. No mascara. No extensions. No maintenance.

It’s a great alternative to lash extensions and the perfect way to enhance what you already have, whether your lashes are long, short, thick or stubborn. This treatment will create the look of longer, fuller lashes that make your eyes appear more open and youthful as well as saving time in your morning routine. So, if you’re looking for a long-lasting, low maintenance, natural looking eyelash enhancement then our lash lift is for you.

Lash Lifts / Tinting – New requirement since COVID  

If you are booking in for any lash or brow tinting, or  Lash Lifts a new patch test is required if the following applies to you;

“Since I last had this treatment…”

  • My medical history has changed.
  • I have had a positive Covid-19 test result.
  • I have had the Covid-19 vaccination(s).
  • It has now been over 6 months.
  • I would like another patch test just to be safe.

OR… If you have not had this treatment before.

At present, we are advised that you wait 2 weeks after receiving the Covid-19 vaccination(s) before receiving any applicable treatment or patch test required. Although the NHS state that most side effects shouldn’t last longer than a week, this will allow enough time for any symptoms to present themselves and not be mistake for a patch test reaction.  

*PLEASE NOTE– A lash Lift is not suitable if pregnant/breastfeeding.

After your Lash Lift Treatment

  • For the first 24 hours after your treatment it’s important not to allow water to come in to contact with your lashesFor the first 24 hours after your treatment it’s important not to allow water to come in to contact with your lashes
  • For 2 days afterwards do not steam your face, use a steam bath, swim or wash your face with hot water
  • Do not use waterproof mascara
  • Use oil free make-up remover if mascara is worn (only use a water-based mascara)
  • Don’t rub your eyes when washing your face – always pat the lashes dry after cleansing
  • Ensure lashes are not manipulated into different positions (e.g. when sleeping, cleansing the face, applying moisturiser or cosmetics)
  • Ask about our  Revitalash Eyelash Serum
  • If you’re in any doubt, please ask your therapist for expert advice on how best to look after your lashes.

Lash Lift Treatment: Before and After

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