A lot of celebs get dermaplaning done purely for the way makeup sits on their face. They look more HD ready for the cameras.

So whatever your reason is for having it, then it’s an amazing treatment and can be tailored in so many ways for your specific needs!

Why have Dermaplaning?

  • Skin has an amazing glow
  • Skin regenerates quicker
  • Skincare absorbs sooooo much better
  • Makeup looks flawless on
  • Great prep for further professional facial enhancing results
  • Temporarily removes fluffy hair
  • Results last longer than regular facials

Launching 2 New Treatments

Red Carpet Glow


“Known worldwide as the million dollar facial “

  • Advanced dermaplaning method
  • Chemical peel Advanced skin needling
  • Cryotherapy lymphatic drainage
  • Led Light Infusion
  • Hyaluronic Acid Mask

Glow & Go


Dermaplaning & Enzyme Peel