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Anti Wrinkle Injections


1 area


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Bunny lines

price on consultation

Flip the lip

Melt stubborn fat with Aqualyx

Prices from £250

What is Aqualyx fat dissolving treatment?

Aqualyx is a safe, effective fat dissolving injection treatment that reduces fat cells in the treated area. … Aqualyx can be used to treat small, exercise resistant, pockets of fat around the chin, chest, abdomen, thighs, saddle bags,arms and anywhere that holds stubborn fat cells.

How does it work?

The solution is injected into the treatment area whereby the 12alfa-dihydroxy-5beta-24-oico cholanic acid sodium salt of AQUALYX alters the surface tension of the fat cell membrane and increases the permeability of the membrane. An ultrasound device is then applied over the surface of the skin in the targeted area and this causes the movement of liquids both inside and outside the fat cells. The fat cells start to balloon and break up, leading to the drainage of micro droplets of fatty liquid into the body, which is then metabolised through the lymphatic system and excreted.

Hyperhidrosis Underarms 

price on consultation

This treatment is for excessive sweating it’s known as Hyperhidrosis Botox.

All the above is including a top up T&Cs do apply.

Dermal Filler






Lips 0.5ml



price on consultation


price on consultation


price on consultation


price on consultation


price on consultation

Marionette line

price on consultation

Tear through

Price given on consultation but below is what is charged per 1ml. The price depends on how much filler is used.
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