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First and foremost, ESPA products work

Between us, we’ve experimented with skincare longer than we care to admit and have learned what works well (as well as what doesn’t). We back our experience, instincts and general nous with rigorous testing on each and every extract and formula we create. Plus we pay very close attention to every comment that comes back from our spas. So we’re well aware of how well our products work.


Our collection of ESPA gifts is created to suit every mood and occasion. An intoxicating journey of the senses, each starts with a beautiful beribboned box through divine aroma to the pure indulgence of beautifully potent skincare with dramatic results.

Mens Skincare Range

Skincare is becoming as important for men as it is for women. It is a fact that men’s skin is thicker than women’s; it produces more sebum, has more hair follicles and has higher levels of collagen and elastin. These intrinsic differences coupled with increasingly pressured lifestyles and a natural desire for simplicity led us to develop effective men’s skincare essentials that will prepare, nourish and protect skin whilst invigorating your senses.

Our Candles

Restore balance to your life
Hand-poured and infused with fragrant essential oils, each ESPA Candle symbolises sheer elegance and simplicity. Recreate the spa ambience throughout your home with soothing, uplifting and energising scents.

ESPA shampoo & nourshing conditioner

Natural formulas for deeply cleansed and intensely rejuvenated hair.

  • Silicone, SLES and SLS free
  • Purifying Shampoo 295ml, £20
  • Nourishing Conditioner 295ml, £20
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