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New CACI Micro-Touch Facial

CACI Micro-Touch Facial

A muscle toning and lifting facial to provide firmer and more defined facial contours.

This facial is great for new clients to CACI or maybe nervous of the probes or you don’t like to steer away from your hands on facials- this would be perfect for. Bridges the gap between hands on and electrical.

It’s a 45 min facial. The results aren’t going to be as intense as the probes, but this is a nice introduction or for existing clients to have between maintenance.

The CACI Micro-Touch Facial is a hands-on full-face treatment whereby a therapist performs CACI’s signature face lifting techniques wearing our unique Electro Gloves.

The Electro Gloves are made from a soft, electrically conductive material.

Micro-electrical impulses are transmitted through the fingertips of the gloves to provide precise and targeted facial contouring.

All you will feel is a tingling sensation and the gentle touch of the therapist as they massage and sculpt your facial muscles.

CACI Micro-Touch Facial

Touch meets Tech

This treatment focuses on muscle toning and lifting to provide firmer and more defined facial contours.

A combination of deep tissue massage and lymphatic drainage techniques are used to release facial tension and reduce puffiness, leaving your skin looking glowing and radiant.

You will usually see results after your very first treatment but for optimal results we recommend having Micro-Touch treatments twice per week over a course of 10 to 15 treatments. We then suggest having a top-up treatment each month to maintain your results.

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